La Mouche Poulette

Ready-to-wear for girls who travel the world

French handmade creations with fabrics of fine rolls of great fashion houses.


La Mouche Poulette logo

World inspired, created and made in France, La Mouche Poulette is a French ready-to-wear brand that wants to encourage women to travel.
Eco-friendly and feminist, La Mouche Poulette is also about sustainable consumption and helping women to flourish!

Quality and environment

For a responsible and sustainable consumption, we use the ends of rolls of big fashion houses to realize our creations, as well as organic materials.

French know-how

Each piece is sewn by hand, in a workshop located in Paris area.

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The adventurers

They travel around the world, are independent, fearless and lead their lives as they see fit. But who are they ??

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