La Mouche Poulette

A french brand that invites to travel.

Know the woman inside you

Through our creations that bear cities or countries names, and our "Baroudeuses" (adventurer) concept, La Mouche Poulette encourages women to follow their dreams. Even if they lead them to the end of the world!

Our philosophy? Everything is possible if we give ourselves the means. Getting out of your comfort zone (like going backpacking alone!) breaks down barriers and reveals how farther are our limits.

Travel is for us the best weapon to stop all kinds of prejudices. By getting to know each other, you learn to know yourself.

At La Mouche Poulette, each client is an adventurer unveiled or about to reveal herself. Our ambition is to be at the side of every woman who goes off to discover the world and herself.

Where and how are our creations designed?

I discover how it's made

Laura, founding adventurer


At first a hobby, it was in 2012 that I created La Mouche Poulette in parallel with my studies.
At the end of my business school in apprenticeship and my 2 years abroad, I worked in several technology startups.

In 2017, I left my position as marketing manager to devote myself to 100% what has become my passion.

Let the La Mouche Poulette adventure begins!


I started traveling very early, multiplying odd jobs for the sole purpose of paying for my plane tickets.
During my travels I met fabulous people, lifestyles completely opposed to mine and then, I realized that our differences were a hell of a lot of luck. Thanks to them I learned a lot about myself, I made my own ideas, I understood that we were our own barriers and that it was up to us to lift them.

Through La Mouche Poulette, I want to encourage women to go beyond their apprehensions. To go after their dreams, to open up to others and to gain self-confidence.

Laura La Mouche Poulette

La Mouche Poulette supports girls' education

I discover the association

  • Journey is to go from oneself to oneself while passing by others
    Touareg proverb
  • Leave means leave your cocoon, open your wings and fly away. It's seeing we are not the only ones on the planet and we do not know everything as we thought. We become more humble, more tolerant, a little smarter.
    Pierre Fillit-Traveler