Toutes à l'école (Every girls at school)

La Mouche Poulette supports girls education.

Cambodian schoolgirl Photo from Toutes à l'école

Women's education

In many countries, women situation has not changed (in the world, only 1/3 of girls are in school, and out of 900 million illiterates, 2/3 are women).

In rural Cambodia, women still have little access to education. When a family is disadvantaged by the possibility of sending a child to school, the girl is unfortunately not the first to be chosen.

Only knowledge can help them fight for a different future. Believing that knowledge is essential to open the mind and gain self-confidence, La Mouche Poulette is committed to Toutes à l'école (Every girls at school) association!

For each organic cotton t-shirt purchased, La Mouche Poulette donates €5 to the association

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Founded in 2005 by journalist Tina Kieffer, the Tous à l'école association mission is to ensure education access for the most disadvantaged girls and young girls in Cambodia, in order to lead them to a job that is theirs and brings freedom and dignity. The pilot school Happy Chandara welcomes today nearly 1,300 students.

Throughout their journey, and until they get their first job, Happy Chandara's students are supported by Toutes à l'école godmothers and godfathers. Individual sponsorship is a concrete way of supporting a student while gradually weaving strong binders with her.

To contribute more actively to mentalities changing, La Mouche Poulette wants to help girls around the world to access education.

"Education is the pillar of change. The more educated women are, the more we will be able to act and change things around the world. That is why we must learn, we must share our experiences and our risks, we must travel and show ourselves ". Laura, founder of La Mouche Poulette.

Cambodians school girls photo from Toutes à l'école

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