The adventurers game!


The participant must post a photo of her, on Instagram or Facebook, wearing a La Mouche Poulette creation. The publication must identify @lamouchepoulette on the photo or in the image legend and must identify the location of the shooting in the geolocation or in the image legend.

For each successful photo, the participant receives a promotional code determined by La Mouche Poulette. It can reach 50% if the participant makes a “perfect match”, it means publish a picture taken in the city whose creation is named!

All photos are not republished by La Mouche Poulette. We reserve the right to accept your participation or not to avoid abuse.

What is a successful photo?

It’s La Mouche Poulette who determines if the photo published by the participant is successful or not. To do this, we rely on several criteria:

  • the image quality (blur, net…)
  • the La Mouche Poulette clothing or accessory visibility
  • the photo’s place recognition (in front of a famous monument, in an unknown street…)
  • the participant overall effort
  • the global feeling of La Mouche Poulette teams


By submitting her photos, the participant agrees that her image may be used in La Mouche Poulette communications.