A french brand

La Mouche Poulette creates its own patterns, buys its fabric and manufactures its models in France.

La Mouche Poulette creations manufacturing stages

Creation process

1. Patterns creation: we imagine and make ourselves the creations patterns.

2. Fabrics: they come from wholesalers and semi-wholesalers based in France. In order to limit our environment impact, we use end of collection fabrics from major brands. That's why our collections are produced in limited quantities.

3. Test phase: once the prototypes are mounted (by us), we test it with the general public in order to collect a maximum of returns before moving on to production.

4. Production: our creations are made in a clothing workshop in Bobigny. The number of pieces made is limited to the amount of fabric obtained. Production times vary depending on the quantity produced.

We have chosen to supply and manufacture our models in France in order to create quality pieces (we carefully control each step of the realization) and to contribute to the local economy development.

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